Get rid of dandruff before winter starts with these few ingredients at home

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Winter is knocking at the door. Like all other seasons, winter also brings several problems. Dandruff is one of them. And to get rid of it, get down in the field now.

You went to the party in a trendy dress with a dark sweater and white flakes on the shoulders of the sweater. You won’t like it. So get rid of dandruff with some home remedies before the bone-chilling winter hits. There are some very simple methods.

Lemon juice and coconut oil :


Take some coconut oil and heat it lightly. Mix a few drops of lemon juice in it. Apply on the scalp and leave it on your head for half an hour. After that wash it off with water. You can also use a mild shampoo.

Baking Soda :

baking soda

What exactly is dandruff? Dandruff is formed by the accumulation of dead cells. And find great exfoliators at home to remove them. Such as baking soda. Rub some baking soda on the scalp. Leave it for half an hour. Then wash it off with water. But it is better not to give shampoo. Wash your hair with this method once a week.

Yogurt :


The list of benefits of yogurt is endless. Yogurt is no match for hair and dandruff. Applying yogurt on the head in winter reduces the dryness of the scalp. The itching will stop. The problem of dandruff will be removed. Apply yogurt on hair and scalp once a week. Do not wash your hair until it is dry. After that, wash your hair with a little shampoo.

Neem Leaves :

neem leaves

Do you use neem shampoo or neem soap? Do try using that ingredient directly instead. The cost will be reduced, the benefits will be more. Buy a few neem leaves or pluck them from the tree and grind them. Apply it on the scalp for 10 minutes. Then wash it off with water. It is better not to use shampoo. If the smell is a problem, you can apply a mild shampoo while washing your hair.

There are also some home remedies that can be used to get rid of dandruff. For example, try applying egg yolk, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera gel, orange peel, etc. separately. You will get a lot of comfort. Hair will be healthy. Get rid of the itchy head. Dandruff will go away gradually.

(Disclaimer: This article is for general information only, so always seek expert advice for details.)

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